What is a Dental Filling?

A dental filling is done to restore a tooth that has been damaged by decayed or chipped due to trauma. A filling not only restores the shape of the tooth before the damage, but also works to seal the tooth to help prevent further decay.

What are the most popular Dental Filling materials?

Fillings can be completed by using a few materials, but the most popular are composite(tooth colored) or amalgam(silver colored). Composite fillings are very popular due to the filling matching the tooth's color. Amalgam, although less popular, is a stronger material that is better to fill larger cavities in teeth.

What happens during a Dental Filling procedure?

In a standard filling procedure, a dentist will start by removing any decay and soft tooth structure. This allows the filling material to rest against healthy tooth structure for a secure fit. After all the decay is removed and the area is prepped, a dentist will then place the filling material that is best for your tooth. Once the filling material has been placed, the dentist will shape the filling so the tooth looks and feels like natural tooth structure.

How could you benefit from a dental filling?

  • To fill in a cavity
  • To reduce tooth sensitivity from hot, cold or sweets
  • To fix discoloration of a tooth
  • To fix a chip in a tooth
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